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Brahmin weddings

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By far Brahmin weddings are the most fun, the most poignant and elaborate
in every sense. Woven together in playful rituals with deep message and
underlying traditional values, they call for a sharp eye for attention to details
and catching every moment to colourful portraits of love and bonding. As they
say ‘ammi midhithu, arundathi parthu..’ these rituals are literally translated
into beautiful moments. The whole atmosphere in a Tambhram wedding
transform one to a different world – mama mami nakkal jokes, ‘yengathula-
ungathula gossips, bhakshanam discussion, the evergreen maalai saathinal
songs.. the magic in brahmin weddings are beyond words.
Our fine photographers capture those fine moments with the most effective
techniques available today. We’ll promise to never let you miss any of the dramas!

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